Tiered Risers & Audience Seating Hire

When you need to seat an audience for a production, or raise your performers up: call Stronglite. We provide high-quality and cost-efficient tired rises, tiered seating & grand stand hire throughout the North Island! We have a range of tiers and configurations of seating hire on offer.


Time to raise up!

We can do just about anything with our stages, from small corporate presentations to the largest performances.

Using our versatile stage sections, Stronglite Staging can create tiered risers in many configurations and heights that transform your venue into the ultimate performance space, ideal for audience seating, choirs, orchestras and more. Take a look at some examples!

  • church risers
  • 5 level + 6
  • bench seat
  • orchestra riser
  • with chair stops
  • school production

Safe and Stable

Stronglite Staging's Tiered Risers use our premium quality staging sections to guarantee strength and stability. Our guard rails, chair stops and cleverly designed steps and ramps ensure safety at all times.

Contact our Hires Department today and learn why Stronglite Staging hire the best Tiered Risers and Audience Seating

Access and Accessories

Stronglite Staging can provide a full suite of accessories to ensure your set-up is exactly the way your want it!


Small steps for low height stages and large non-slip stair units with hand rails for taller stages. Safe & strong.


Wide, stable ramps ideal for wheelchair access, loading of equipment and easy stage access.


The ultimate presentation tool, wired for microphones and reading lights with a handy shelf for extras.


Premium black drapes can be supplied up to 6m tall to mask backstage areas or unsightly views.

Guard Rails

Sturdy but elegant, guard rails and chair stops make your stage extremely safe at any height.

Guard Rails

Need Sound and Lighting?

Stronglite Staging can provide both sound and lighting equipment/operators to complete your event.
Just let us know your requirements, and we’ll handle the rest!

We can stage the whole thing!

Running an event is a complex thing; many different pieces have to come together seamlessly to make a whole. Stronglite Staging can make that process simple!
We have more than 70 years of combined experience in the theatrical and event industries. Let us bring that expertise to the table and manage all your event infrastructure for you! As your main port of call, Stronglite Staging guarantee that the best gear is set up when and where you need it. Contact us today and we’ll make your ideas a reality.