The Duo

A compact folding riser for small choirs.


  • Great for Small Choirs

    The Duo is a compact and stylish two level riser which is unbelievably easy to store and transport. Ideal for small choirs who want to step up!

  • Assembly

    The Duo’s one-piece folding design allows 1 person to easily wheel the riser into position and unfold to assemble in a matter of seconds.

  • Working Together

    Multiple Duo units clip together effortlessly to create a curved bank of risers.

Technical Info

Will stand approx 3 adults per level.
Powder-coated steel frame. One-piece ‘book-style’ folding system with castors allowing unit to be wheeled to position. Includes carpeted decks.
Length: 1650mm
Depth: 900mm
Height: 400mm (to top level)
Rise Between Levels: 200mm
Weight Per Unit: 35kg
Fully compliant with Australia/NZ safety standards. Engineer Certified.