The Keynote

All-aluminium demountable choir risers – the strong and silent type.

Features & Options

  • Level Up

    Available in both 3 and 4 level options, the Keynote is ideal for standing larger choirs. Can form straight of curved layouts.

  • Make a Move

    The Keynote is uniquely choreography friendly; absolutely solid, stable and silent, these risers let your chorus perform to their maximum!

  • Demountable

    Units simply un-clip into light and easily handled components. The straightforward design means anyone can set-up in double quick time!

  • Expandable

    Our unique Extendeck system allows you to join multiple Risers together for greater capacity using less parts, saving you money!

  • Storage

    Our space efficient storage trolleys hold all the Keynote’s components safely and wheel to and from your storage area with ease.

Technical Info

3 LEVEL: Will stand approx 9 adults per unit.

4 LEVEL: Will stand approx 12 adults per unit.

(numbers do not include row on floor)

Demountable System: All-aluminium powdercoated components, carpeted decks. Bays infinitely extendible with Extendeck system.
Width: 1800mm
Depth: 1400mm
Height: 600mm (to top level)
Rise between levels: 200mm

Width: 2000mm
Depth: 1850mm
Height: 800mm (to top level)
Rise between levels: 200mm

Fully compliant with Australia/NZ safety standards. Engineer Certified.