Wenger Choir Risers

Advanced folding choir risers – built in the USA

Signature® Risers

Tourmaster® Risers

Available in 3 & 4 Level variants, the Wenger Signature® risers are high capacity units ideal for venues standing large choirs. The sturdy steel frames ensure superb stability, strength and longevity; we guarantee them for 15 years with a full warranty.
Create curved or straight layouts with your risers thanks to the tool-less deck design. Simply unscrew the decks, turn them over, and reattach to form your desired arrangement! Optional side rails attach to the risers without tools. Risers simply fold up into easily wheelable units that can roll through standard doorways.

The Tourmaster® is designed with the travelling choir/chorus in mind. Each unit folds into an easily wheel-able package that’s easy to take around tight corners, through a standard doorway, across the carpark, and into a truck or a van.
Stronglite Staging can provide you with access ramps to make make loading and unloading these risers a breeze!
Precision engineering and top quality materials means Tourmaster risers will deliver reliable operation for a long, long time. 15 year full waranty.
Tourmaster choir risers are the ultimate travelling riser.

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