The Baby Grand

Ideal for Schools or Sports Clubs

The Grandstand around!


  • Compact

    The Babygrand is small enough that it can be used almost anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, by the pool or on the sports field.

  • Easy to Move

    Designed for easy handling, simply pick up one end and wheel into position. 1 person shift for a 3 level, and 2 person shift for a 4 level.

  • Rugged

    The all-aluminium construction ensures unparalleled strength and longevity. No rotten timber or rusted steel to see here!

Technical Info

3 LEVEL: Will seat approx 18 adults or 27 primary school age children.
4 LEVEL: Will seat approx 24 adults or 36 primary school age children.
All aluminium construction with heavy duty fixed castor wheels.
4 Level Guard-rails can be made demountable for ease of storage/transport.
Length: 3000mm
Depth: 1440mm
Height: 1125mm (to top of upstand)
Rise Between Levels: 325mm
Weight Per Unit: 150kg


Length: 3000mm
Depth: 2000mm
Height: 2500mm (to top of guard-rail)
Rise Between Levels: 350mm
Weight Per Unit: 350kg
Fully compliant with Australia/NZ safety standards. Engineer Certified.