The Superseat

The ULTIMATE Portable Grandstand

The Portable Grandstand


  • Lots of Seats!

    Available in 4, 5, 6 & 7 level variants; the Superseat range can seat up to 42 adults, or 63 children per unit (bay).

  • What a View!

    Our generous 300mm rise between seats ensures those seated have excellent sightlines.

  • Sitting Comfortably?

    The Superseat is extremely customisable, allowing anything from simple bench seats to full back chairs.

  • Standing Room

    Dedicated Seating Benches remove easily to create a standing riser for choirs etc. or to form a lower seating height for children.

  • Demountable

    Units simply unclip into manageable pieces that fit through a standard doorway. Two person set up in under 20 mins!

  • Expandable

    Our exclusive Extendeck system allows you to join multiple bays together for greater capacity using less parts, saving you money!

  • Versatile

    The unique design of these grandstands means they’re just as easy to set-up and enjoy in a school hall as they are on a sports field.

Technical Info

Will seat up to 42 adults or 63 primary school age children per 3m bay.
Easy to handle aluminium components clip together. Bays infinitely extendible with Extendeck system.

Many seating styles available, Contact Us to discus your options.

Length per bay: 3000mm
Depth: 4 Level = 2550mm (+700mm per extra level)
Height to Top Seat: 4 Level = 1350mm (+300 for each extra level)
Rise Between Levels: 300mm
Weight Per Unit: 4 Level = Approx 450kg
Fully compliant with Australia/NZ safety standards. Engineer Certified.